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NEWS August 29, 2019

Liberty Ecosystem will be on stage at J-CPAC

The Liberty Ecosystem will be on stage at J-CPAC, from August 31st (Sat.) to September 1st (Sun.), 2019, in order to bring about innovation from a new aspect using the latest technology.

Program Overview

Future Predictions of Cryptocurrency and Conservative Movement

Sunday, September 1st from 15: 50

In addition to the discussion about blockchain, cryptocurrency technologies and related legal systems, LIBERTY ECOSYSTEM activities that link blockchain technology to the global conservative movement will be introduced.

Moreover, Mr. Edmund Moy, 38th Director of the US Mint and leading cryptocurrency in the United States, is welcomed as a speaker and discussion panel to share about the future prediction of cryptocurrency and LIBRA.

Our company, Wowoo, will support Liberty Ecosystem to the fullest. We will enhance our relationship and are also planning to collaborate so please look forward to it.

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