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NEWS November 08, 2019


LIFEX is announcing Beta version of LIFEX BIO METER App releases on iOS devices (iPhone).

This app aims to be used to connect Healthcare and Token Economy as the project in LIFEX, and supports its users to record their health data, shares the recorded data to medical institutions, and be rewarded in digital asset tokens.

There are many of its kind health management applications. However, while most lack the method to motivate its users to continue with healthy activities, their app is designed to satisfy both users and medical institutions by being able to build and keep its user’s motivation, and more importantly creates a new local economy sphere by the use of blockchain.

To celebrate the launch of its beta app, LIFEX is gathering limited offer testers from the public.

There will be no conditions required to be the tester, however, please note that the app is only available for iPhones at this stage, and not for Android phones.

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