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March, 2019

NEWS March 18, 2019

Wowoo My-page modification

We added a feature which you can check our Twitter and Telegram posts via My-page. Also, to conduct services such as airdrops in the future,...
NEWS March 12, 2019

Listing WWB on CROSS exchange

We are delighted to announce that WWB will now be listed on CROSS exchange. Deposits start on Thursday, March 14th, and trading begins on Fr...
NEWS March 06, 2019

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2019 Report

As our belief to realize better society by spreading the blockchain technology for cybersecurity solution, we sponsored Conservative Politic...
NEWS February 28, 2019

Listing of LES

Prior to the announcement at CPAC, we are very excited to announce our original token Liberty EcoToken (LES), generated by Liberty Ecosystem...
NEWS February 26, 2019

Wowoo Sponsoring CPAC

We have been cooperating with Liberty Ecosystem (LES) to create better society by bringing “New Power” to play its role. Today, we are very ...
BLOG February 21, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Funding

Liberty Tokens are critical in this New Power model for three reasons: First, they provide a way for organizations to reward and incent the...
BLOG February 20, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Benefits

Ecosystem participants benefit from solution on multiple levels. On a global level, having an agile, flexible federation of local organizati...
BLOG February 19, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Concept

Liberty Ecosystem’s mission is to protect and expand the liberty of individuals, communities and nations. They are focused on counterbalanci...
NEWS February 05, 2019

Seasonal Greetings from Wowoo Team

Our major goal is to build and expand the Wowoo economy this year. We will continue to develop the Wowoo platform and e-commerce to provid...
NEWS February 01, 2019

About Partnership and Investment from OKWAVE Inc.

This is an announcement about the investment from OKWAVE Inc. to Wowoo Pte. Ltd. and the partnership which we settled during the ICO of our ...