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NEWS January 14, 2020

Beta Release of Wowoo Platform

We are announcing the release of beta version of Wowoo Platform and we wish to bridge all individuals to token economy which will enhance the spread of the economy by providing Wowoo Platform where anybody throughout the world can utilize cryptocurrencies for their service or own demand.

Within this version, you will be able to generate your own token with smart contracts without any knowledge of programing, and experience first step of SAC (Smart Active Control) system.

This beta version is open for all users. Feel free to register from URL below, and generate your own tokens on test-net.

Token generation demonstration video:

Final version of SAC system can manage the generation of token and controls its various rights including but not limited to transfer rights, exercise rights, recreating rights, escrow, burn, and mint. In addition, complete necessary elements for ICO/STO will be available, including token distribution plan such as lockup.

Ultimately, we foresee the future where anybody are able to generate their own tokens and/or support others accordingly to each situation, and send them across various web services (e.g. SNS) as a mode of not only payment but to express their gratitude. Wowoo Platform is designed to support this trend as a one-stop solution, and will keep evolving because the potential of Blockchain as a technology and Smart Contracts are endless.

We will continue to spread a new culture through the token economy so please look forward to Wowoo Platform updates.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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