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NEWS February 28, 2020

Notice of the completion of issuing WWB as ERC20 token

We are pleased to announce that our native token Wowbit (WWB) has successfully been issued on Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 token.

As we have announced in 2019, due to realizing Wowoo’s future business ecosystem, we have decided to reissue WWB (in which currently is running on NEO Blockchain as NEP5 token) and would enable WWB holders to swap them in the ratio of 1:1 for their future usage/trade.

The issued WWB (ERC20) token metrics are as follow:

Token Name: Wowbit

Token Ticker: WWB

Token Type: ERC20 standard Token (Ethereum)

Token Classification: Utility Token

Contract Address: 0x98c5aa4319Df4C6a88679A32420121F1b184A068

Token Decimals: 6

Total amount: 1,111,111,111WWB

Token Distribution:
Token Swap & Campaign (40%)
Marketing (30%)
Reserve (25%)*1
Founder (5%)*1

Monetary reserve: None


We are currently in midst of our final test of utilizing above WWB token on the mainnet of Wowoo Portal App, a community mobile application which supports WWB token holders to store, trade and join relating campaigns of WWB and other partner tokens.

Once the test is completed and the app is approved by both Google Play (Android) and App Store (Apple), we will decide and announce of the formal date of release and the starting day of the Token Swap. (A hand-guide of the Token Swap will be released at the same time)

Please note that all WWB (NEP5) token holders are subjected to participate in the Token Swap activity at their own responsibility, as the activity is not automated (the new token will not be delivered to you without following the instructions), and after the term of one (1) year the Token Swap will no longer be available.

As we continue to build Wowoo Platform and relating services, WWB (ERC20) is structured to be in the center of our whole ecosystem and we will continuously seek for its advantages, so please be mindful to take part in the Token Swap activity in time.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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