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BLOG July 02, 2020



1. What is Wowoo project?
Wowoo project aims to establish Token Economy Platform, which connects Producers and Online-communities to achieve better marketing results.

2. How do you pronounce Wowoo?
“Wow” followed by “oo” as pronounced in the word “Moon”.


1. What is Wowbit (WWB)?
Wowbit (WWB) token serves as the native token inside Wowoo ecosystem, that is governed by Ethereum blockchain (ERC20-standard token). WWB tokens can be used as the marketing token by our customers, as well as being scheduled to benefit its holders with discounts on related services and Airdrops of partner tokens & Tokens issued from our customers on Wowoo Platform.

💡Wowbit (WWB) was initially issued on NEO blockchain (NEP5 standard token), so if you own WWB/NEP5, please apply for the Token Swap from Wowoo Portal app.

2. What are the token details of WWB?
[Token Metrics]
Token Name : Wowbit Token
Ticker : WWB
Token Type : ERC20 standard Token (Ethereum)
Token Classification : Utility Token
Contract Address : 0x98c5aa4319Df4C6a88679A32420121F1b184A068
Token Decimals : 6
Total amount : 1,111,111,111WWB

[Token Distribution]
Token Swap & Campaign (40%)
Marketing (30%)
Reserve (25%)
Founder (5%)

*Reserve tokens and Founder tokens are on lock up for one (1) year from February 2020.
**Some portion of WWB token may subjected to be Burned. Details are TBA accordingly.

3. How do I manage WWB?
WWB is an ERC20 token that can be stored in Ethereum wallets (e.g. MyEtherWallet). Any Wallets that are capable of storing ERC20 tokens can be your choice, but make sure not to use any wallet which doesn’t allow you to manage your own Private key for storing purposes. (e.g. Cryptocurrency exchange’s wallet address) Our mobile HD wallet app (iOS & Android) Wowoo Wallet and Wowoo Portal is one of the easiest way to manage your WWB tokens!

*Please note that when making a transfer of WWB tokens, a small amount of ETH is needed as Gas to be paid to the Ethereum network.

4. Where can WWB traded?
Currently WWB can only be traded under P2P environment (e.g. Wowoo Portal), but we will seek for token listing opportunities over the time.

5. How do I participate in WWB Token swap?
Please find your details here:
Please complete your Token Swap before March 23rd, 2021.


1. What is Wowoo Platform?

Wowoo Platform is a one-stop solution for Producers to generate their own token, handle Smart contracts, distribute tokens and more.

2. What is Wowoo Wallet?
Wowoo Wallet is a mobile HD wallet which are capable to manage variety of Cryptocurrencies and tokens with a passphrase.

3. What is Wowoo Portal?
Wowoo Portal is a multi-function community app. It can serve as wallet & DEX, as well as hosts various campaigns relating to Wowoo project.

4. What is Wowoo BC?
Wowoo BC (Blockchain Commerce) is an E-commerce service powered by Blockchain. Variety of tokens can be used in similar way to coupons.

5. What is Wowoo Exchange?
Wowoo Exchange is a partner project of Wowoo, which aims to build fully regulated Cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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