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NEWS July 15, 2020

Additional notice on WWB Lockup campaign

Today, we’d like to announce that in partnership with Lifex Research Pte. Ltd., we will be distributing Lifex Token (LFX)* to those whom joined our 6 months or 9 months WWB Lock Up campaign running on Wowoo Portal app.

The total distribution amount given is set to 1,000,000LFX, and as the first series, a fixed amount of LFX will be given to corresponding users, instead of being calculated by the amount of WWB set for lockup.

For whom joined 6 months lockup will be accredited with 1,000LFX, and 3,000LFX for 9 months until the tokens run out. (In the event of running out, we have agreed to consider for further campaign portions of Lifex token, but in a smaller budget size.)

*Lifex token (LFX) was issued by LIFEX project, whom challenges to adopt Token economy in the healthcare sector. The project aim is to by using Blockchain technology to 1) launching healthcare management applications which people can record their bio data on the blockchain network, 2) develop a secure and private means of communication between medical institutions and patients, and 3) suggests users based on their data to appropriate medical institution for check-up or research data collection.

LFX token is set to be the utility token which can be used in above prospected ecosystem. LFX is not listed on any exchanges at the moment, but is working with medical institutions to spread its token and its usecase in the near future.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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