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NEWS August 26, 2020

Strategic Partnership between BEAT Holdings

Today, we are honoured to announce that Wowoo Technologies Co., Ltd. (former Wowoo Global Korea Co., Ltd.) has made a Strategic Partnership between BEAT Holdings Limited (TSE:9399)’s subsidiary company Xinhua Mobile Limited.

BEAT Holdings is a public listed company of Japan, which covers many industry as a Holdings company, but is unique in the way that they have been aggressively engaged to Blockchain industry in the recent years.

As we too have been developing various Blockchain related tools and services, especially in a motivation to create a whole new value that benefits the people, we saw many synergetic effects that could be made together, and was able to come to an agreement to seek future business cooperation with BEAT Holdings.

In detail, BEAT has multiple Blockchain governd products and serves as the licensor to provide whitelabel solutions for enterprises. We will be discussing to offer our Token Generator to easily issue their client original tokens, which potentially could also be offered to WWB holders as an airdrop activities.

We are also in midst of developing an encrypted Token Distributor, which our clients could use to send tokens to people around the world through SNS (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). We will seek the opportunity to introduce BEAT’s original SNS “Inou” as one of the options as well. We will reveal more detailed contents of our partnership accordingly.

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