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NEWS December 31, 2020

Seasonal Greetings and 2020_Q4 Development report

Dear Wowoo Community

2020 has been a year that has fundamentally changed not only the reputation in the Blockchain/Crypto industry, but our long established certainties about our society.

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes and challenges to us all, regardless of our social/cultural differences.

On the bright side, because of the changes Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies were once again highlighted widely, and we certainly made an important milestone to welcome more influential institutions to the industry.

For the Wowoo Project, we’ve also had challenging but also progressive year.

Some sectors of our work like development and marketing activities were from time to time limited due to travelling and gathering restrictions, however we have managed to improve and restructure our working environment to cope with the new normal standards.

As described in the Development Report below, our core Token Marketing Platform development (SAC, ETD, Wallet, Portal, KYC and BC) are mostly ready for the first version to be launched, and we are currently finalizing the legal registrations with respected Service providers and authorities to start our service next year.

Our honorable partnership with BEAT Holdings this year was also an exciting achievement for us.

We have always considered social reliability of our project very important, and ever since our foundation we were fortunate to partner with top-leading companies. However, since the change in the market trend, the majority of our partners had to reconsider their project, and Wowoo as a service provider also faced changes in the project direction.

Therefore our alliance with BEAT was very meaningful to prove our projects’ value and once again give our supporters the comfort of our project by realizing such partnership.

Although we have not yet been able to disclose detailed projects together, since we are both committed to the Blockchain industry we look forward to supporting each other’s ecosystem and achieving the society empowered by the unique technology in the near future.

Here attached is our Development report of 2020_Q4:

In the report we cover the updates made in this quarter, as well as some sample photos of our UI.

As a highlight, we are preparing for a new update of Wowoo Portal app to be capable of supporting all Original Tokens in Wowoo Token Ecosystem, issued by Producers.

Another highlight is the newly introducing market place referred to as NFT Trading.

The concept of our NFT market place to utilize NFT Smart Contract to enable users to trade on a P2P basis of their unique products, such as arts or items like legal rights such as unlisted enterprise stocks or credits that has very limited liquidity.

As a new use case of WWB, we intend to allow users to use WWB as a coupon to purchase such items and be able to match the next buyer with a special interest rate.

We will inform further details about this service next year so please look forward to the updates.

Last but not the least, we acknowledge that year 2021 will be the biggest challenge we have ever taken since we must prove that our project concept, services structure, product quality and marketing segments are sufficient and accepted in the market to provide new marketing experience for our customers and their users to achieve sustainable token ecology.

As we’ve always dreamt of a world where good messages spread by people would earn benefits made possible by Blockchain, we promise to thrive ever more than before to achieve such society together with our supporters.

We wish everyone a safe, healthy and fruitful year to come!

Wowoo Team

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