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NEWS March 24, 2021

Notice on the completion of Wowbit (WWB) Token Swap

Dear community,

Today we would like to inform that the one (1) year period of Wowbit (WWB) token swap which migrated from NEO (NEP-5 standard) to Ethereum (ERC-20 standard) blockchain has successfully been completed.

From this point onwards, we will not be supporting WWB (NEP-5) in our ecosystem, and WWB will always be referred to as WWB (ERC-20) in any context on our website, services or whatsoever.

Please note that we will not be able to take any exceptions to assist with token swap related matters regardless of the reason from this point.

However, for those users who already submitted the token swap application, and are either 1) pending for approval or 2) approved and awaiting to claim WWB (ERC20) will be accredited with additional two (2) weeks until April 7th, 2021 in time to claim their token.*

We will send notifications via Wowoo Portal app for above users, so should you receive any notifications, please complete your token swap within the given time as this will be the last opportunity to complete the token swap.
(*Please note that we will not accept and screen any new applications submitted after March 24th, 2021.)

In case that you used your NEO Private key to recover your WWB (NEP5) token balance, please make sure not to log out from the account prior to completing the token swap and receiving your WWB (ERC-20) tokens.
We will follow up shortly in the next update regarding this matter which will cover the changes made in Wowbit (WWB) tokenomics. (E.g. Total amount of WWB which were swapped, and the total amount of WWB to be burned.)

Though we realize the Token swap process has been quite challenging for both the Project party and our token holders, we would like to appreciate all token holders for taking your time to complete the process, and would like to welcome you all to the next chapter of Wowoo project with great pleasure!

We will be making a 2021 1Q development update next week separately to the update regarding our tokenomics, so please look forward to the exciting updates that we have regarding the project.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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