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NEWS March 31, 2021

2021_Q1 Development report

We have published Development report for Q1, 2021.

Our development report covers and explain the works done for our Wowoo Marketing Platform and Tools by our team during the period of January to March, 2021 (Q1).

The highlights of this quarter’s development are mainly in our Encrypted Token Distributor (ETD) tool and our newly presenting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace.

ETD is the core tool which enables producers to send WWB token or their Original Token (OT) to users across different Social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google (including YouTube) and Telegram.
While we seek to add more popular platforms in the future, the ETD will allow Producers to engage with the users using customized Bots to deliver tokens without having to ask for Wallet addresses each time.

We have integrating ETD Group tool, which will benefit both Producers and Users to access database as a collective of Wowoo original community existing over different Social media channels, that are in particular interested in the Token economy marketing system.

The second major work was done in the development of Wowoo original NFT marketplace.

NFT is a new form of tokenized asset arising in the Crypto space, which opens another layer of ownership and distribution in digital format to different asset class, such as art and memberships, etc.

In Wowoo NFT marketplace, users can easily issue NFT based on Ethereum protocol and trade between the users on our platform.
Apart from art, which is so far the largest use case of NFT today, we wish to experiment more of its usages in potentially creating liquidity to Non-fungible assets such as Contracts (company shares, debts, ownerships, etc.) from different industries and services, so that our marketplace would act somewhat similar in principle to that of Proprietary Trading System (PTS) in Stock markets.

Last but not the least, as most of our initial batch of development are expected to be completed in the coming next quarter, we are carefully examining the release date of our service to the public, and will be focusing more on the marketing activities to promote our services in different regions.

We look forward to some promotional activities expected in the coming months, which we are excited to work in hands with our existing supporters of Wowoo project.

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