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NEWS June 30, 2021

2021_Q2 Development report

We have published Development report for Q2, 2021.

In this report we describe our works done and feedbacks of our Wowoo Marketing Platform development and marketing wctivities by our team during the period of April to June, 2021 (Q2).

As we continue to add extra features and improvements of our UI and UX for the main marketing platform, in this quarter we had been able to complete the development of our newest service, “Wowoo NFT Marketplace”.

Unlike ordinary NFT marketplace, our intention is to support in creating liquidity for assets without a large secondary market.
Producers are able to issue exclusive NFT without any complicated steps, and list them on our marketplace which endorses supporters, collectors and investors to contribute in liquiditizing with it’s unique incentive model.

In addition, there are 2 extra WWB token use cases we will be offering to our community.
As WWB token will be serving as the native token within our community, we understand the importance of making sure the token can and will be used in unique ways that will benefit its holders.
We will continue to work on further developments and market studies simultaneously with our future service launchings.

We would also like to share some of our new video materials which are the introduction of our service as whole and ETD tool guidance.

We highly appreciate your support in liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Please look forward to our future marketing activities as our beta service launching is coming soon, and we are excited to work together with our community in generating new culture!

Wowoo Team

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