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NEWS March 23, 2020

Release Date of Wowoo Portal

Today, we are releasing Wowoo Portal, which is aimed to be upgraded into decentralized exchange application for smartphone. With this application, all users will be able to manage Wowoo-related crypto assets in the future.

In addition to its basic function such as wallet and exchange, WWB holders will be able to participate on token swap, and exchange WWB-NEP5 to WWB-ERC20. Also, all participants are eligible to join campaigns using this application. Please check the URL below for details and manual.

Our goal has not been changed since the start of the project and it is to spread and enhance the token economy throughout the globe. To make it come true, we will do our best to localize Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Also, to realize our goal, we understand that one of the key factors is to manage WWB token distribution. Thus, we have decided to burn portion of Wowbit (WWB-ERC20) during this year. The amount and the term will be informed accordingly.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS March 16, 2020

Announcement of Token Swap and Campaign Schedule

We have decided to migrate WWB token, which were operating on NEO platform, to Ethereum platform considering the realization of global Wowoo Platform from various perspectives and made an announcement on end of October, 2019. Generation of WWB (ERC20) has been completed last month also. Today, we are announcing WWB-NEP5 to WWB-ERC20 token swap term and campaign along with participation manual.

Token Swap Start: 2020/03/23 (13:00 SGT)
Token Swap Close: 2021/03/23 (13:00 SGT)
Token Swap Ratio: 1WWB (NEP5) to 1WWB (ERC20)


DISCLAIMER: This campaign is not a solicitation for investment in any terms. Anyone that would like to participate in the campaign should carefully weigh the risks, costs and benefits of joining the program at their own responsibility. You are advised to read the details carefully in full, and perform due diligence before joining the campaign.

*This campaign is a one-time-only offer. Users will not be able to join the program after making the decision once on application.

Lockup Campaign

Lockup Campaign Start: 2020/03/23 (13:00 SGT)
Lockup Campaign Close: 2021/03/23 (13:00 SGT)

Lockup terms and interest
3 months – 1.00%
6 months – 3.00% (+ partner token)
9 months – 7.50% (+ partner token)

*The interest gains based on lockup period. Interest will be rewarded after lockup campaign ends.
*Your lockup will start on the day you participate lockup campaign.

Lotto Campaign

Participants joining lockup campaign on the first month and qualifying requirements have a chance to win ETH.

Lotto Campaign Start: 2020/03/23 (13:00 SGT)
Lotto Campaign Close: 2020/04/23 (13:00 SGT)
Winner announcement/Prize award: 2020/04/24

*Prize and number of winners will vary depending on lockup amount. (Truncate below decimal point)
*User that locks more than 100000 WWB are eligible to join the lottery campaign.

Lockup Amount (WWB)
Min. – Max.
# of winners prize
100000 – 499999 50 0.10
500000 – 999999 30 0.50
1000000 – 4999999 20 1.50
5000000 – no max. 10 10.00

[How to participate]
You can participate on token swap and campaigns by using Wowoo Portal, which will be released soon.

Please check the manual from the URL below.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS February 28, 2020

Notice of the completion of issuing WWB as ERC20 token

We are pleased to announce that our native token Wowbit (WWB) has successfully been issued on Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 token.

As we have announced in 2019, due to realizing Wowoo’s future business ecosystem, we have decided to reissue WWB (in which currently is running on NEO Blockchain as NEP5 token) and would enable WWB holders to swap them in the ratio of 1:1 for their future usage/trade.

The issued WWB (ERC20) token metrics are as follow:

Token Name: Wowbit

Token Ticker: WWB

Token Type: ERC20 standard Token (Ethereum)

Token Classification: Utility Token

Contract Address: 0x98c5aa4319Df4C6a88679A32420121F1b184A068

Token Decimals: 6

Total amount: 1,111,111,111WWB

Token Distribution:
Token Swap & Campaign (40%)
Marketing (30%)
Reserve (25%)*1
Founder (5%)*1

Monetary reserve: None


We are currently in midst of our final test of utilizing above WWB token on the mainnet of Wowoo Portal App, a community mobile application which supports WWB token holders to store, trade and join relating campaigns of WWB and other partner tokens.

Once the test is completed and the app is approved by both Google Play (Android) and App Store (Apple), we will decide and announce of the formal date of release and the starting day of the Token Swap. (A hand-guide of the Token Swap will be released at the same time)

Please note that all WWB (NEP5) token holders are subjected to participate in the Token Swap activity at their own responsibility, as the activity is not automated (the new token will not be delivered to you without following the instructions), and after the term of one (1) year the Token Swap will no longer be available.

As we continue to build Wowoo Platform and relating services, WWB (ERC20) is structured to be in the center of our whole ecosystem and we will continuously seek for its advantages, so please be mindful to take part in the Token Swap activity in time.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS February 14, 2020

About investment from OKWAVE

Today, we are here to notify OKWAVE (3808JP) ‘s investment in Wowoo Pte Ltd (Singapore), which had been announced since the launch of the project in 2017, has been canceled due to mutual consultation.

As we announced in February 2019 (, in addition to continuing difficulties in securing bank accounts for cryptocurrency related companies in Singapore, OKWAVE’s group company has been certified as a cryptocurrency exchange company in Japan and the level of compliance has risen dramatically.

As a result, we have been applying for the extension of investment term to OKWAVE, but it is still unclear whether the investment will be completed within the term even if we continue to extend next deadline. Thus, we had decided to discuss and reconsider about the investment along with other form of partnership.

We apologize for the misunderstanding caused from the releases at that time. We will coordinate further announcement on this matter, while taking into account the possibility of applying as a cryptocurrency operator in Singapore, relocating our headquarter, etc.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS January 14, 2020

Beta Release of Wowoo Platform

We are announcing the release of beta version of Wowoo Platform and we wish to bridge all individuals to token economy which will enhance the spread of the economy by providing Wowoo Platform where anybody throughout the world can utilize cryptocurrencies for their service or own demand.

Within this version, you will be able to generate your own token with smart contracts without any knowledge of programing, and experience first step of SAC (Smart Active Control) system.

This beta version is open for all users. Feel free to register from URL below, and generate your own tokens on test-net.

Token generation demonstration video:

Final version of SAC system can manage the generation of token and controls its various rights including but not limited to transfer rights, exercise rights, recreating rights, escrow, burn, and mint. In addition, complete necessary elements for ICO/STO will be available, including token distribution plan such as lockup.

Ultimately, we foresee the future where anybody are able to generate their own tokens and/or support others accordingly to each situation, and send them across various web services (e.g. SNS) as a mode of not only payment but to express their gratitude. Wowoo Platform is designed to support this trend as a one-stop solution, and will keep evolving because the potential of Blockchain as a technology and Smart Contracts are endless.

We will continue to spread a new culture through the token economy so please look forward to Wowoo Platform updates.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS January 01, 2020

2020 Season’s Greeting

Dear Wowoo partners and supporters,

Good bye 2019, and Happy 2020 to you all!

In celebration of the new year holiday, we would like to thank everyone for the warm support we’ve received last year.

Some of our accomplishment from last year including the sponsorship of CPAC, project on Information Matrix TV shows, and partnership made with OmniSparx for example has allowed us to further believe of the future mass adoption of Blockchain technology in our society. 

We have been able to greatly proceed with our core product development in 2019, and onwards will be focusing further to promote of our service and token use cases across the globe.

As we have announced, we will be migrating Wowbit token network from NEO to Ethereum in order to accelerate our business model. There will be further details revealed of the new token, as well as the token swap and campaign details in January 2020.

We will aggressively continue to seek the best tactics to promote our proposed token economy platform, where people can easily join the blockchain space and express the new way of value across the world.

We wish everyone a fruitful year!

Wowoo Team

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS November 08, 2019


LIFEX is announcing Beta version of LIFEX BIO METER App releases on iOS devices (iPhone).

This app aims to be used to connect Healthcare and Token Economy as the project in LIFEX, and supports its users to record their health data, shares the recorded data to medical institutions, and be rewarded in digital asset tokens.

There are many of its kind health management applications. However, while most lack the method to motivate its users to continue with healthy activities, their app is designed to satisfy both users and medical institutions by being able to build and keep its user’s motivation, and more importantly creates a new local economy sphere by the use of blockchain.

To celebrate the launch of its beta app, LIFEX is gathering limited offer testers from the public.

There will be no conditions required to be the tester, however, please note that the app is only available for iPhones at this stage, and not for Android phones.

For more information:

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS October 31, 2019

Important update on the Wowoo Token Economy

Dear Wowoo Community

Please note that in order to establish Wowoo Token Economy in the most efficient way, we have decided to reissue Wowbit token on the Ethereum platform and migrate it from current version issued on NEO platform as NEP-5 standard token. (No changes to be made in the Token Supply.)

In addition, we will be disusing Wowbit Classic token (WCC) and migrate its prospected use case with the newly issued Wowbit token on ERC-20 standard.

As announced in February 2018, we have previously proceeded to migrate Wowbit token from Ethereum to NEO platform. The decision was made in consideration of the environment at the time, and Wowbit token currently runs stably on NEO’s network.

Although there were various reasons behind our decision to migrate the token again to Ethereum platform (not limited to, but including below), the core fundamental is to build and provide accessible services to users across the globe, while complying with world regulations.

-Difficulties of legal prospections on NEO (and tokens issued on its platform)
-Technical disadvantages of NEO (e.g. Smart Contracts)
-Difficulties of listing NEO-based tokens on Digital asset exchanges
-Difficulties of new customers to handle GAS-consuming transaction system
-Advantages of Ethereum’s global recognition and surrounding legality
-Efficiency of Ethereum as a Smart Contract platform
-Accessibility of ETH and tokens on its platform
-Detect of skeptical trading activities of WWB on some exchanges
-Simplification of proposed Token Economy by uniting token use cases

As of the WWB token issued on NEO platform, token holders are subjected to apply for token swap activity via the below explained DEX application and receive new token issued on Ethereum platform.

In accordance to above, we regret to inform that Wowbit Classic token (WCC) will be fully dismissed in the purpose of simplifying our future services. WCC was separately issued from Wowbit token as a token to utilize Smart Active Control (SAC) tools, which supports various Smart Contract features that were unable to be provided on NEO platform, along with being able to provide wider solutions to our token economy development business customers as stated in below.

For those whom own WCC tokens, please contact us at “”, and we will accredit corresponding holders with newly issued Wowbit token (ERC-20) on determined rate.

After discussing of the re-issuance and disuse of the tokens with the major digital asset exchanges which WWB token (NEP-5) and WWC token are currently listed on, please note that we mutually concluded that both tokens are subjected to be delisted for the time being, along with the Token Swap activity schedule.

Therefore, please also note that there will not going to be the WCC airdrop campaign towards WWB (NEP-5) token holders which were scheduled in below post:

As a further project update, we are delighted to tell you that we are in the final phase of the development of our mobile DEX application as a new Wowoo product, and are looking at early January, 2020 for its release on both Apple and Android Smart phones. (Please note that the release schedule will depend on the application inspection process)

Please look forward to its release, as the DEX app will not only act as a digital asset wallet and trading platform, but will also act as one-stop-solution product to manage and join Wowoo-related Token journey. The initial version will support the token swap activity of Wowbit token (NEP-5 to ERC-20), and host multiple campaigns for the users.

The newly issued Wowbit Token (ERC-20) will be tradable on said DEX application, as well as focusing on partner exchanges like Wowoo Exchange. Further, it is subjected to aim its listing on larger exchanges which has positive influence in both compliance and its name.

The Token swap (NEP-5 to ERC-20) is scheduled to run for one (1) year in time, and we will be releasing how-to-manual of its processes.

Also, we will be holding Lock up and Airdrop campaigns on the DEX app as the replacement of the prescheduled WCC airdrop and as a moment of releasing the DEX app. Users can select the WWB lockup plan after the token swap inside the app, and will be awarded with interest including WWB, Wowoo related tokens such as LFX and WWX. We are also planning to airdrop ETH to randomly selected users who joins the program. We look very forward to these activities to contribute to establishing Wowbit token’s new marketing foundations.

There will be no changes in the token supply of newly issued WWB on Ethereum platform, however there may be changes in the token ticker and additional founder’s token lockup as a Smart Contract, so we will be announcing of further details including of the exclusive campaigns so please look forward to it.

Although we have never intended to make major decisions without deep considerations, we deeply apologize as this update may confuse some portion of our token holders.

We confidently feel that this decision will be a large and important tide running in favor of Wowoo project to propose the possibility of Blockchain technology to the society in the most compliant way.

We thank you very much for your understandings.

Wowoo Team

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS September 16, 2019

Wowoo Exchange Announces Launch of Digital Assets Trading Platform

Singapore-based Wowoo Exchange officially launched its digital assets trading platform. With an initial focus on the Singaporean market, Wowoo Exchange allows users to deposit and withdraw in SGD to trade cryptocurrency.

At the start, three currency pairs will be available:
• Singapore Dollars-Bitcoin
• Singapore Dollars-Ethereum
• Bitcoin-Ethereum

Wowoo Exchange is also collaborating with leading fintech solution providers, such as Xfers and Cynopsis Solutions, to provide users with a safe and secure trading environment. In the coming future, the Exchange will explore the introduction of other tokens and coins including the WWX token, as well as advanced trading options. Announcements will be accordingly made when these features are released.

For a limited period of time, new users who register on the Wowoo Exchange platform will be eligible for sign-up bonuses. This promotion is only applicable for regions where user registration is currently possible. Please note, that due to respective local regulations, we do not accept registrations from residents of Japan, US & Malaysia. For more information, please visit:

Exchange launch schedule:
•[completed]September 2019 Singapore (current service suspension target countries: Japan, United States, Malaysia, etc.)
•October 2019  Hong Kong(current service suspension target countries: no prohibited countries)
•November 2019  Labuan (current service suspension target countries: no prohibited countries)

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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BLOG August 30, 2019

WWX Token Swap Details

Important Notices of WWX Token Swap:

·    WWX Token Swap period: 00:00 AM HKT, September 2, 2019 to 11:59 PM HKT, August 31, 2020.

·    WWX Token Swap official website:

·    Swap ratio: One NEP-5 WWX token swap to One ERC-20 WWX token (1:1 ratio).

·    The NEP-5 WWX token for swap will be sent to a burn address and will no longer be usable.

·    If WWX token holders cannot complete the required process within the swap period, their NEP-5 tokens will be forfeited. The Swap will close after deadline: 11:59 PM HKT, August 31, 2020.

·    Please do not submit an exchange address as your ERC-20 address as this will cause loss of funds.

·   There is no change to total number of WWX token issued or token economics.

General Procedure of WWX Token Swap:

  1. Go to
  2. Read and agree with our terms and conditions.
  3. Follow each step to provide your email address, full name, DOB, nationality, identification document, residential address, proof of address, NEP-5 address and amount to be swapped, ERC-20 address for the deposit. Make sure the information you submit is accurate.
  4. Send your NEP-5 WWX tokens to our NEP-5 deposit address.
  5. Click “Submit” for your details to complete the whole process.
  6. Check your email regularly for updates and notifications from WWX project team.
  7. ERC-20 WWX token will be distributed to WWX holders whose token swap is complete and KYC is verified in 2 to 3 weeks.    

More Information about WWX Token Swap:

The management team’s decision of swapping from the NEP-5 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol was made based on market demand and regulatory study. Due to the lack of transaction monitoring systems for NEP-5 tokens, there is a high possibility that NEP-5 tokens cannot be listed on any regulated exchanges. The management team believes doing this swap will enable better liquidity, enhanced flexibility, and expanding interoperability of WWX’s ecosystem to Ethereum.

Please do not fall victim to phishing or spoofed websites.  The website provided,, is the only authenticated website for WWX Token Swap. If you need any assistance, please contact us at

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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