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NEWS September 16, 2019

Wowoo Exchange Announces Launch of Digital Assets Trading Platform

Singapore-based Wowoo Exchange officially launched its digital assets trading platform. With an initial focus on the Singaporean market, Wowoo Exchange allows users to deposit and withdraw in SGD to trade cryptocurrency.

At the start, three currency pairs will be available:
• Singapore Dollars-Bitcoin
• Singapore Dollars-Ethereum
• Bitcoin-Ethereum

Wowoo Exchange is also collaborating with leading fintech solution providers, such as Xfers and Cynopsis Solutions, to provide users with a safe and secure trading environment. In the coming future, the Exchange will explore the introduction of other tokens and coins including the WWX token, as well as advanced trading options. Announcements will be accordingly made when these features are released.

For a limited period of time, new users who register on the Wowoo Exchange platform will be eligible for sign-up bonuses. This promotion is only applicable for regions where user registration is currently possible. Please note, that due to respective local regulations, we do not accept registrations from residents of Japan, US & Malaysia. For more information, please visit:

Exchange launch schedule:
•[completed]September 2019 Singapore (current service suspension target countries: Japan, United States, Malaysia, etc.)
•October 2019  Hong Kong(current service suspension target countries: no prohibited countries)
•November 2019  Labuan (current service suspension target countries: no prohibited countries)

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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BLOG August 30, 2019

WWX Token Swap Details

Important Notices of WWX Token Swap:

·    WWX Token Swap period: 00:00 AM HKT, September 2, 2019 to 11:59 PM HKT, August 31, 2020.

·    WWX Token Swap official website:

·    Swap ratio: One NEP-5 WWX token swap to One ERC-20 WWX token (1:1 ratio).

·    The NEP-5 WWX token for swap will be sent to a burn address and will no longer be usable.

·    If WWX token holders cannot complete the required process within the swap period, their NEP-5 tokens will be forfeited. The Swap will close after deadline: 11:59 PM HKT, August 31, 2020.

·    Please do not submit an exchange address as your ERC-20 address as this will cause loss of funds.

·   There is no change to total number of WWX token issued or token economics.

General Procedure of WWX Token Swap:

  1. Go to
  2. Read and agree with our terms and conditions.
  3. Follow each step to provide your email address, full name, DOB, nationality, identification document, residential address, proof of address, NEP-5 address and amount to be swapped, ERC-20 address for the deposit. Make sure the information you submit is accurate.
  4. Send your NEP-5 WWX tokens to our NEP-5 deposit address.
  5. Click “Submit” for your details to complete the whole process.
  6. Check your email regularly for updates and notifications from WWX project team.
  7. ERC-20 WWX token will be distributed to WWX holders whose token swap is complete and KYC is verified in 2 to 3 weeks.    

More Information about WWX Token Swap:

The management team’s decision of swapping from the NEP-5 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol was made based on market demand and regulatory study. Due to the lack of transaction monitoring systems for NEP-5 tokens, there is a high possibility that NEP-5 tokens cannot be listed on any regulated exchanges. The management team believes doing this swap will enable better liquidity, enhanced flexibility, and expanding interoperability of WWX’s ecosystem to Ethereum.

Please do not fall victim to phishing or spoofed websites.  The website provided,, is the only authenticated website for WWX Token Swap. If you need any assistance, please contact us at

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NEWS August 29, 2019

Liberty Ecosystem will be on stage at J-CPAC

The Liberty Ecosystem will be on stage at J-CPAC, from August 31st (Sat.) to September 1st (Sun.), 2019, in order to bring about innovation from a new aspect using the latest technology.

Program Overview

Future Predictions of Cryptocurrency and Conservative Movement

Sunday, September 1st from 15: 50

In addition to the discussion about blockchain, cryptocurrency technologies and related legal systems, LIBERTY ECOSYSTEM activities that link blockchain technology to the global conservative movement will be introduced.

Moreover, Mr. Edmund Moy, 38th Director of the US Mint and leading cryptocurrency in the United States, is welcomed as a speaker and discussion panel to share about the future prediction of cryptocurrency and LIBRA.

Our company, Wowoo, will support Liberty Ecosystem to the fullest. We will enhance our relationship and are also planning to collaborate so please look forward to it.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS August 20, 2019

WWX Token Swap Announcement (NEP-5 to ERC-20)

The management of Wowoo X Technology has come to a decision to commence a WWX Token Swap from the current NEP-5 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol. This decision was made based on current market demand and regulatory study. Because of no transaction monitoring for NEP-5 tokens, there is a high possibility that NEP-5 tokens cannot be listed on any regulated exchanges in high regulated countries. Wowoo Exchange believes that doing this will enable better liquidity, enhanced flexibility, and expanding interoperability of WWX’s ecosystem to Ethereum. The NEP-5 WWX token will be sent to a burn address and will no longer be usable.

The WWX Token Swap will start on 1st September 2019, and be available until 31st August 2020. If token holders can not complete the swap process within this period, their NEP-5 tokens will be forfeited. One NEP-5 WWX token will swap to one ERC-20 WWX token (1:1 ratio to 18 decimal places). A Token Swap website will be developed for WWX holders to complete the WWX Token Swap process at no cost to the NEP-5 WWX holders. There will not be any changes made to the total number of WWX tokens previously issued or token economics. More details of WWX Token Swap will be released soon, please stay tuned for further information.

At the same time, ERC-20 WWX token is planned to be listed on exchange partners which are located in Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore in October this year. Please note NEP-5 WWX token will not be tradable in the secondary market and only if you complete your swap process you can trade your ERC-20 WWX on listing exchanges. We appreciate your patience and continued support! For further inquiries, please contact

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS July 03, 2019

Wowoo AMA Recap

Ok, so before answering this, I hope all of you have already checked the article below of our project update:

Wowoo Project Update

Having said that, I will try to step into details as much as possible!

  1. What is the schedule of the WCC airdrop?

As described in the article, there is some argument we are going through about WCC.

First of all, the importance of having to issuing an additional token in our ecosystem was mainly due to supporting other platform than NEO. Although we believe in the fundamental ideology of NEO platform, we as a platform had to look closely to the market needs, whereas our prospected customers may want to choose an alternative protocol to NEO instead, when issuing their original tokens.

Considering the fact that one of our main development product, Smart Active Control (SAC) is all about providing our users of stable, reliable and easy system to get in touch with Smart Contracts, we at the time had no choice but to place Ethereum platform as the fundamental, as NEO was/is still in course of developing in terms of accessing different Smart Contracts.

That being said, we are looking into various possibility on how we can manage to use different platforms in our ecosystem, and also on how to differentiate WWB from WCC. We are currently investigating on multiple options, including to swapping WCC to a Security Token.

Whatever the case, we do want this matter taken care of as soon as possible, so there shall be an official announcement of how we are conducting the airdrop, as well as how the token itself would benefit different users.

  1. What is the schedule of the LES air drop?

This is also mentioned in the article. We do plan to hold multiple campaigns including airdrops of not only LES related projects as well over the time. However, this is likely to depend on the market, status of development, etc. of each projects.

With regards to LES, we are in a very well partnership and looking into announcing something together within a few month range. I cannot guarantee on the time schedule of airdrop in particular, but let’s just say LES is one of the most exciting project we work with, and we intend to make this relationship even stronger.

  1. What is the listing schedule of the big exchange?

Now, this question is a little tough one to answer.

First of all, I am not sure if you are aware, but as a project owner, we do have multiple contacts whom we discuss about the listing of tokens. There are several process in getting to the phase of finally being listed, and yes most of the time it would involve a fee too.

The hard part about this is that often we are ask not to talk about this until the final agreement has been made, and the dates are officially confirmed. If we spoil this promise, the whole listing may be canceled. (Therefore I hope you get the point that I shouldn’t openly discuss about this, for everyone’s benefit.)

All I can say is that we are still under inspection in some exchanges (including a well-known one), and are also under discussion with several partners on this matter, however, as may be mentioned before on some other channel, listing our tokens aggressively is not our main focus now. The market is going well over some time now, but considering of our marketing strategy, including our very own Wowoo Exchange, we rather limit the exchange we are listed on, until further stage.

I’ll do my best to drop a good news on this matter soon!

  1. When is the grand open of the Wowoo Exchange?

Ok, so onwards, Willie, the CEO of Wowoo Exchange, and his team will be in charge of answering questions particularly on WWX. We are discussing multiple strategy to secure the means of communication of this project soon so please look forward on this.

For today’s answer, we are actually pre-launching WWX from tomorrow. However, as mentioned in this post below, at this stage it will be a restricted version for testing purpose, and the users are based on invite-only.

Update from Wowoo Exchange

The full opening is scheduled this coming Autumn.

  1. What is WWB trading volume?

If you mean what are my personal opinions on the recent volume, I think it’s a good sign, as we detect less suspicious trading. As I used to be a stock investor, when the volumes are low (but stable), it’s usually a good sign. Over the time, I’m hoping the volume will enlarge with real buy-and-sell.

  1. What is the Big fish as Fuji said?
  2. When will announce the Big fish?

If I were able to talk about this, I would have already long time ago. This is really confidential and I really can not mention anything in particular. Let’s just say it has something to do with our partnership and scaling the market opportunity.

  1. Will there be WWX air-drop to WWB holders?

This is almost the same question as 2.

We may or may not have an airdrop, cannot be guaranteed, but of course as Wowoo being the main project, we do intend to prepare some benefits for the old folks.

  1. When will Wowoo Exchange open and when will WWB be listed?

Please refer to the previous messages, answered about the opening already. With regards to WWB listing, this is one of the priority of the Exchange project, so it will be done at the best time when we can secure enough safety of the exchange. (Including to complying with various regulations, compliances, etc.)

  1. Why don’t every Wowoo ICOs have their community? Is it policy of Wowoo? We want to communicate them. We don’t know they are active or not, because of no updates.

Most of the project are still adjusting the project itself, since the regulations changes daily. Currently, most of the project only has private communities, and we wish to help them build their community along with their project.

Thanks for your advice, and let us see what we can do!

  1. Do you plan to increase WWB distribution? I feel that the volume is too high. Market capitalization was too high at the time of listing. I am also curious about the use of the lock-up quantity (75%). Are there any incineration events??

Do you mean the liquidity of WWB?

At the moment there are about 30% or so floating liquidity, and we want to keep it that way for some time (Or even less). Some portion of the lockup are already over, but still remains the same, because we have no intention to sell. Majority of portion shall be kept for the future market.

  1. I heard WWB will move to their own chain. Is it true?

Ah, about the mainnet.

Currently, considering of the market conditions, we decided to stick with public chains for some time. (as own blockchain will take longer time to make adjustments with exchanges, etc.)

  1. If the tokens of the two projects are also WWB platforms, will not WWB holders need to have an air-drop event? The biggest reason ETH was able to grow in the market two years ago was because many coins based on ETH gave air drops to holders.

Wowoo and WWB itself is not a platform protocol. We are only a platform-based business operator. If Wowoo was a platform token and conducted airdrops, it would be regarded Security, and trust me, you don’t want to mess with Securities, unless it is decentralized like ETH. But there will be activities we do together as partner projects.

  1. Please tell us only three of the greatest strengths of WWB to make sure of this price.

Why is the price going to rise in the future … or why would I want to buy from the buyer’s point of view …?

(1.) Our project targets a very critical problem that we all face. FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

We all want to participate in different things, have dreams, etc., but most of these cannot be done without financial stability. The goal of Wowoo is to become a community platform, where if you join, you get the necessities of life for almost free, and people can spend more time and money on things they like. No other blockchain project is committed to this purpose only.

(2.) Our great partners.

Including OKWAVE and everyone on our project paper, or partnered project is a very unique and strong selection of people. These people are not giving up on us, and together we are confident that we could build a society that makes a difference in our financial crisis.

(3.) Our business model.

Honestly, blockchain gave people a lot of dreams, like fighting the current kings of each industries. But at the end of the day, I still think it is more wise we all work together, the traditional and future. Our marketing model can prove that blockchain/tokens can be intergrated in traditional marketing strategy and will benefit both company and users, with low cost/high performance.

If companies start to realize that rather than spending money on advertising on the newspaper or whatever, and social media changing the way we live and select information, I’m sure they will conclude that social media and blockchain is the answer of delivering a good product most efficiently. If the companies will enrich only because of the token, the buyer or holder of token will simply have merits.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS June 28, 2019

Announcement about FANbetting

The FANbetting project is not limited to sports betting, and it was founded with the hope to realize a society where fans who love sports very much can feel more related to sports by using blockchain.

The project has been decided to be renewed to make the project operation safer while complying with the laws and regulations of each country, and to include more specific incentives for the inspiring experiences that athletes and teams bring. .

Therefore, please be aware that access restriction will be performed for a certain period of time from the end of this month, in order to update various media such as their official website.

As the Wowoo community, we plan to develop collaborations with their project in the future, so please look forward to further updates.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS June 26, 2019

LIFEX Update on Product Development

LIFEX project was founded with an aim to provide people across the world of an appropriate medication and health information for everyone’s healthy and happy life.

In order to achieve above, we are currently under development of LIFEX BC Network, which is an original infrastructure focused on the usage in medical industry to handle information safely by utilizing the blockchain platform.

In addition to the beta version of the LIFEX BC Network released last month, LIFEX is currently aiming to release a smartphone health management application as the use case based on LIFEX BC Network Ver1.0 (under preparation for public release).

The app is scheduled to be close-tested by our LFX token holders, so please look forward to the further announcement.

LIFEX is under discussion for partnerships with medical organizations in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, USA and other Medias for adopting our LIFEX BC Network. LIFEX will be developing a token reward function which will credit tokens in return of the user’s contribution on the Network, and an AI network for data analyzing.

LIFEX hope to deliver useful information of regenerative medication, latest checkups and clinical trials to our users through the LIFEX BC Network.

Please look forward to our project as they focus on developing an alternative use case of blockchain than payment, in the very time people’s attention is once again coming in to cryptocurrencies.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS June 24, 2019

Update from Wowoo Exchange

Thank you for your continued support of Wowoo Exchange. I’m writing to inform you of some important updates.


Exchange Opening

We are opening at the end of this month. The number of users will be limited to start and the platform will have limited features and access to ensure security and stability. Shortly after go live, we will gradually increase the number of users and fully open to the public after the platform is stable. Initially, BTC and ETH will be supported.  WWX support will follow in October 2019. Our partners, Cynopsis will work on satisfying all Know Your Customers (KYC) requirements while Onchain Custodian and other custody providers will be responsible for safekeeping all funds. Our dedicated customer service centre will also be ready to serve you should you need any assistance.

Tokens BTC, ETH (WWX to start in October)
Users 200 users at opening with gradual increase until October.  Platform open to all new users in October.
KYC Fully supported in partnership with Cynopsis
Deposits Fully Supported
Withdrawals Fully Supported
Custody Fully supported in partnership with Onchain Custodian and other custody providers.
Wallets Wowoo, NEON, Infinito and O3
Customer Service Available


There have been many developments in the last year and it has taken us some additional time to adapt to the changes in the industry.

  • The regulatory landscape has evolved, and we are improving our processes and platform to align with increased regulations around the world. We have taken additional steps to ensure we are compliant.
  • Following a series of high-profile hacks and scams in the cryptocurrency space, we have increased focus on security to mitigate the risks of any potential hacks.


WWX Token

Because we decided to focus on security and system stability, and considering the recent hacks and scams, we are preparing to make WWX tokens available in October 2019. Our priority after the exchange opens on 30 June is to monitor and analyze trading performance and operations.  This will help ensure conformance to regulations and improve the platform.  This is also the approach taken by other major exchanges who listed their own exchange tokens after opening and stabilizing their exchange operations.

Major Activities

In spite of the challenges, we want to highlight several important milestones that are complete:

  • KYC
    We have completed a full Know Your Customer (KYC) review for all investors to satisfy anticipated regulatory requirements.
  • Higher level of communication and engagement
    In addition to our Bali meet up in March, we have established and started to use social media channels (Twitter, Telegram) and newsletters for more effective and regular communication. Additionally, we have revamped our website with a sign-up section, news and updates, etc.
  • Token issuance
    WWX tokens were issued following the meetup in March 2019.
  • Partnerships
    We have partnered with a number of reputable companies to ensure the exchange we are building meets a high standard for security and regulatory compliance.
  • Customer Service
    Based in the Philippines, the Customer Service centre has been set up, for both our customers and external organisations. We have already started serving our first client at the centre.
  • Building our brand awareness
    We have started to grow our presence and build brand awareness through in fintech and technology conferences.


To the Future

In terms of expansion, we are pursuing licenses in the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. In all three markets, we are focused on building a strong team with diverse backgrounds in specific expertise in legal, compliance, technology, operations and marketing.

To further strengthen our compliance, we are also deploying transaction monitoring tools.  Transaction monitoring has increasingly become a focus area for regulators as regulators are constantly trying to prevent money laundering.  The Singapore regulator just issued a paper highlighting the importance of transaction monitoring.  Also, considering the very recent news about anticipated new FATF guidelines regarding cryptocurrencies, we accelerated our plan to include transaction monitoring for all tokens, including WWB and WWX tokens.  However, building these monitoring tools will take time as WWB and WWX tokens were uniquely developed for our ecosystem.

Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen our brand in the cryptocurrency space with participation in reputable conferences including Seamless Summit 2019. We will also continue our ongoing collaborations with regulators and stakeholders across our key markets. We are planning more exciting marketing campaigns as part of brand awareness and social media engagement with our community.

Finally, we continue to think about how to continuously improve our exchange after go-live. Additional features under consideration include fiat deposits and withdrawals, platform enhancements to improve usability and the user experience, additional token listings, etc.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Yours Sincerely,

Willie Chang
Chief Executive Officer
Wowoo Exchange


Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.



Wowoo website:

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS June 11, 2019

Wowoo Exchange bolsters its platform through partnership with Cynopsis Solutions

Wowoo Exchange, a Singaporean digital asset trading platform launching soon, is pleased to announce its partnership with Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company Cynopsis Solutions to deploy a solution to meet increasingly complex regulations.

Wowoo Exchange allows the easy trading of digital assets with secure hot and cold wallet management features. Its user-friendly platform has a customisable interface designed to fit all types of customers from first-time users to seasoned traders.

Wowoo Exchange also has a strong commitment to global regulations, which is the main reason behind its partnership with Cynopsis Solutions.

“The partnership is a strategic business decision. Wowoo Exchange and Cynopsis Solutions share the same vision of shaping the future of digital asset standards by adhering to the local regulations and compliance practices”, said Willie Chang, CEO of Wowoo Exchange.

Cynopsis Solutions is a Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company that focuses on providing a range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to help clients fulfill Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulatory requirements.  Additionally, the company offers solutions to simplify the customer onboarding process through its artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions, which allow clients to conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) screening and real-time digital verification of their users via facial movements and live video recording.

“This synergistic partnership results from the shared vision of both companies’ to shape the regulatory landscape in the digital asset space. Cynopsis will work closely with Wowoo Exchange to ensure that the compliance practices adhere to the highest regulatory standards,” Chye Kit Chionh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cynopsis.

About Wowoo Exchange

Wowoo Exchange is a Singapore-based digital asset trading platform focused on global compliance and security and allows customers to trade digital assets cost-effectively.



About Cynopsis

Cynopsis Solutions is a REGTECH100 company established in Singapore in 2014. A winner of MAS FinTech Award 2018, it offers regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions designed to automate KYC processes.


Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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NEWS June 10, 2019

Wowoo Project Update

We, Wowoo team, want to thank you all for your support and cooperation.

Especially, we would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us from ICO since the beginning of 2018.

Our company has been focusing on supporting and raising awareness of various excellent blockchain projects, with the motto “Creating Inspiring Value”. It is a well-known fact that there are many benefits in launching projects that use the concept of ICO, and we will continue to be a platformer of an ecosystem which is built by various use-cases of blockchain as a step towards a better society.

However, it is necessary to accept the fact that due to various events such as the burst of the bubble and the repeated cyber-attacks on exchanges, only about 40% of the total ICO projects reached the target amount in 2018 and the amount procured in early this year was about 30% lower than the end of last year.

Also, throughout the year, we aimed for the goal of realizing society where value is given to the impressive content, and we felt that it would be difficult to lead in this industry if we do not construct the mechanism which would change the standard of society where token price is evaluated at first instead of actual project.

When we took world’s trend and experience of “crypto winter” into account and thought about returning profits to token holders and related companies as first priority, we came to a conclusion that it is necessary to build business plan in broader point of view which would increase the value of all tokens including Wowbit, related projects, and Wowoo as a project. This time, with the review of previous activities, we would like to explain ecosystem that will lead to the realization of a new road map for the token economy we see in the future.

First of all, it is said that there are three major disadvantages of services that use tokens and cryptocurrency, including token economy, as follows.

-Purchaser’s cryptocurrency acquisition cost

-Difficulties in unifying service charges due to price fluctuations

-Conversion cost to the legal currency of the receiving party

The best way to overcome these factors and embody Wowoo’s aim of creating value for impressive is to build business model that uses cryptocurrency from the beginning (it’s easy to acquire), without the token price fluctuates*, and ends with cryptocurrency (no need to convert to fiat currency). Therefore, our goal is to build the model as follows.

A simple representation is a token-based affiliate marketing model. Companies can reward users’ various actions that meet the corporate brand and philosophy as a part of advertising. Users can trade collected incentives for various products and services without a payment by fiat currency, and this will build win-win relationship for both participants.

*Regarding each tokens: As solution for corporate customers, we think that, even if we consider from legal point of view, unnecessity of conversion to fiat currency will enhance the introduction to many industries. However, we will continue to keep the opportunity for the price to fluctuate, for the token holders, by applying supply and demand of Wowoo related tokens, like WWB, to existing trading system. The discussion of this logic, including use-case which does not depend on price fluctuation, has mostly been settled, and we will make an announcement accordingly.

▼Wowoo token economy will operate with the following three core functions.

1 Wowoo Marketing *

→ cryptocurrency × advertisement

2 Wowoo BC *

→ cryptocurrency × e-commerce

3 Wowoo Exchange

→ cryptocurrency × investment

* All names are tentative.


Wowoo’s customers as a business-oriented structure

  1. Companies (including organizations, projects, etc.)
  2. General users (including investors)

And both will be registered from Wowoo’s HP *.

* Wowoo top site and management screen including the token issuing function and the SAC function are collectively called “Wowoo platform”.

Company’s benefits of using the Wowoo platform will include not only the same, ICO project consulting and co-branding, but as well as opportunities 1 to 3 above.

For the entrance part, in addition to having the Wowoo Exchange as a group and working closely with reputable partners starting with OKWAVE, most importantly, we will provide a mean of acquisition followed by regulations.

Some of you may have read the news or blog about number 1. This is a usecase using OmniSparx’s* service, and we have been closely working together along with Liberty project since the sponsorship of CPAC 2019, US conservative union’s biggest event, in March.

OmniSparx explained:

Companies can use this service to browse various SNSs on a single screen, as well as manage followers, authenticate users (human or bot), and distribute tokens directly to wallets depending on user’s contribution. At Wowoo, companies will issue WWB or original tokens when using this service, and distribute tokens for user actions (ex. likes, shares, reviews, etc.) that are appreciated by the company. This enables much lower cost and higher performance marketing than general online advertising and influencer advertising. Even from the user’s point of view, using the SNS that you use on a daily basis and taking action on the company or service you like at any time you want will give you a chance to get tokens, so it is reasonable and possible conduct promotion on top of entertainment.

*OmniSparx provides a platform to promote community engagement of a project, and does not represent community management of partners and clients including Wowoo.

Shopping in number 2 mainly refers to a place where the user can exchange the token received by the above steps for goods or services.

In addition, based on the P2P principle which is the essence of the blockchain, we aim platform to be where you can trade anything if you accept each other’s value and agree on trading, and not just goods but also a wide range of transactions such as ideas, time, and intellectual property. In the future, we plan to release multicurrency functions that can use both fiat and crypto currencies in every countries and the issuance of tokens linked to products with partners.

Exchange in number 3 is a project launched from the beginning of 2018, and it is an exchange that enables trading not only tokens of projects related to Wowoo, but also tokens selected by promising partners that have great influences. As mentioned at the beginning, while security is considered to be a major issue, we plan to deploy it as a licensed exchange in each country by working with forefront security measures and regulators. Development is progressing and opening is scheduled at the end of this month.  Some features and access may be limited to ensure the platform is secure and stable. The Wowoo’s marketing system is being jointly developed with OmniSparx, and is scheduled to be opened later this year with BC.

Until now, we have not been able to offer use-cases from the perspective of general users due to legal risks caused by focusing on ICO. But, we can offer people who never had special relationship with blockchain, cryptocurrency, or ICO, the way of life that you can easily utilize it and will not be bound by fiat currency, so please look forward to it.

In addition to the use case and reputation, token price being the most considered factor in this industry is also recognized from the voice of the holders against WWB. We all are considering it as the most important aspect too. Although we cannot mention specifically, not only covering weaknesses and liquidity as a venture company but also planning to conduct events to attract more attention of the token. Following BTC, the heat of cryptocurrency is rising again, and this is the timing when major companies and financial institutions are entering the industry one after another around the world. It is believed that the change in the supply and demand for altcoin is also coming soon.

There is no significant change in the total amount of founder tokens and reserve tokens, and in spite of lockup term, the team will continue to hold on to them in long term for value of the project. Therefore, current price action is within the limited market volume. Although the difference between ICO price and current market should be considered, main stream is still user-first, and we plan to take counterplans to the market with even greater precision.

We will carry out renewal of the website and update of the roadmap shortly in the future, so please wait for the details of changes. However, we will pre-share the following.

・ WWB for Cloud Mining

→ Regarding the WWB acceptance for cloud mining service by OKfinc, which was announced in September 2018, the prospect of introduction has not been made yet. This is not only due to market conditions, but also because it has become clear that we cannot establish an investor protection system under our regulation and compliance at this stage, and thus, we will extend it indefinitely.

・Air drop of WCC and other related tokens (such as LES) to WWB holder

→ We will reschedule the campaign regarding the WCC airdrop (conditionally up to WWB1: WCC3), because it is expected that restructuring, which includes reforming WCC token itself as the security token, will occur when we considered the cooperation with a Security firm for the construction of this ecosystem. Even if there is a change in the token design, Airdrop itself will be conducted in cooperation with the exchanges so please look forward to it. We are planning to be implemented in a way that will satisfy everyone who is supporting us, so it is still difficult to guarantee the date, but the target is from this summer to the end of the year.

→ Airdrops of related tokens such as LES are scheduled to be conducted regularly as a special service for WWB token holder. This is not a function linked to the security token, but rather a campaign cooperated with each project. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, especially the ICO market, the schedule for many projects has changed and not determined yet. Apart from airdrop, we are discussing a promotion campaign with Liberty Ecosystem, which issued the LES token, through a strategic partnership, and we will make an announcement as soon as it is finalized.

・Increasing WWB listing

→ Although securing the listing at the exchange is not our priority under the current market, there are ongoing plans that are under discussion, and we will make an announcement as they progress. Also, we are planning to select and delist from exchanges that may not always cooperate well with the project, because demerit is expected to exceed the merit of increase in the amount of circulation. Thus, in addition to recommending to use Wowoo Exchange and our group companies for trading environment, we plan to implement solution that respects the user’s right to access their assets, such as DEX.


→ Our main information provision systems we use for Wowoo community are official Telegram channel, which is reading type aimed for immediate notification of the same news as our website, and official Twitter channel for regular information sharing. The establishment and other use of SNS channels such as multilingualization and regular AMA are still under discussion along with holding of demonstrations of rewarding program, which will be provided in the future. We are regularly monitoring communication held over the Internet, including unofficial channels we are aware of, and we take it as an encouragement for our daily activities. We will be releasing more ways to interact with the community in a better way in the future, so please wait for a while. Although there is only Twitter, all comments are always welcome, and we will be happy if you can follow us from below.

Lastly, our main goal is to spread the token economy so that people are freed from the curse of money and create a space and peace of mind that allows us to be aware of others and the surrounding social issues through self-realization. Everyone around who is involved has been doing great jobs in their fields. Such good intentional activities are accelerated by blockchain services in Wowoo, and we’d like to create a community that is nurtured as a source of information that will lead the whole world. We are aware of imperfectness, but we are guiding our project to success by solving problems one at a time, so please look forward it.

Wowoo Team

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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