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BLOG September 29, 2020

2020_Q3 Development report and Product Introduction

We have published Development report for Q3, 2020 and Product Introduction paper. Our development report covers and explain the works do...
BLOG July 02, 2020


General1. What is Wowoo project?1. Wowoo 프로젝트는 무엇인가요?Wowoo project aims to establish Token Economy Platform, which connects Producers and O...
BLOG August 30, 2019

WWX Token Swap Details

Important Notices of WWX Token Swap: ·    WWX Token Swap period: 00:00 AM HKT, September 2, 2019 to 11:59 PM HKT, August ...
BLOG April 29, 2019

About New Partner, OmniSparx

As we announced recently, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with OmniSparx to create more benefits for our community, including...
BLOG February 21, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Funding

Liberty Tokens are critical in this New Power model for three reasons: First, they provide a way for organizations to reward and incent the...
BLOG February 20, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Benefits

Ecosystem participants benefit from solution on multiple levels. On a global level, having an agile, flexible federation of local organizati...
BLOG February 19, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Concept

Liberty Ecosystem’s mission is to protect and expand the liberty of individuals, communities and nations. They are focused on counterbalanci...
BLOG December 19, 2018

Wowoo Meet-Up Report

In order to create token economy with good deeds having financial values, our company is working on spreading blockchain technology across t...
BLOG December 03, 2018

TokenNews Conference 2018 in Manila

Wowoo, Wowoo Exchange and Liberty Ecosystem participated in TokenNews Conference where took place at SMX convention center, Manila, Philippi...
BLOG November 30, 2018

About Wowoo Meet-Up

We have been introducing various usecases to spread blockchain technology and its capability to the world starting from Asia, as we attended...