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BLOG November 23, 2018


Spreading blockchain technology for creating better society has always been one of our mission, and we have been looking for opportunities. ...
BLOG November 20, 2018

Liberty Ecosystem (LES) presented at J-CPAC

Since the announcement on September, we have been cooperating closely to empower the relationship and actively progressing Liberty Ecosyst...
BLOG November 16, 2018

Wowoo × Wowoo Exchange × ACU!

Wowoo and Wowoo Exchange is going to participate in Token News Conferences, where will be scheduled to take place at SMX convention center i...
BLOG November 06, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Participated Meeting Held by NAPM

Wowoo Exchange is going to join the national project which is led by Sovereign Wealth Fund of Uzbekistan and provide comprehensive advice in...
BLOG November 02, 2018

About Liberty Ecosystem

Today, we’d like to announce an update on the coming Liberty Project, which will be launched with the cooperation of ACU, using Wowoo platfo...
BLOG October 29, 2018

Wowoo Exchange, MOU with BitoEX

Wowoo Exchange announced that they signed MOU with BitoEX, cryptocurrency exchange in Taiwan. Wowoo Exchange signed MOU with BitoEX, whic...
BLOG October 26, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Update

Clara Chen, the first franchise Sirius Capital HK Ltd. marketing manager of Wowoo Exchange, presented at TokenNews Conference in Seoul, in...
BLOG October 17, 2018

About Circulating Supply

We have been listening to our community and believe that transparency and trust is the most important factor. We had several questions from...
BLOG September 28, 2018

FAQ About Issuing New Token

FAQ Why issuing Wowbit Classic? Due to WWB being NEP-5 token standard, development of SAC could not be realistic. However, specification...
BLOG September 27, 2018

About New Token (Wowbit Classic)

Before explaining about the reason of issuing new token, Wowbit Classic; we want to mention that there are two types of users on our ICO pla...