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NEWS May 09, 2018


It is our honor to announce that WWB token will make its first listing on Bit-Z ( on May 15th, 2018!! We deeply con...
NEWS May 05, 2018

WowBit Soon to be Listed!

We are pleased to announce that out of 6 global exchanges that we are currently aiming to list our native token of Wowoo ecosystem, Wow...
NEWS April 26, 2018

Updates of the Week

1. **ATTENTION TO ALL WOWBIT TOKEN SALE CONTRIBUTORS Please note that if you are and/or planning to use Neon wallet to store and manage...
NEWS April 24, 2018

More Project Joining Wowoo!

We are excited to announce that we are welcoming 3 more official projects into our community, which will be powered by Wowoo. All projects a...
NEWS April 20, 2018

Wowoo to Found Wowoo Global Korea Co., Ltd.

Wowoo Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) has founded Wowoo Global Korea Co., Ltd. in Gangnam (Seoul, Korea) as an official subsidiary company to accelera...
NEWS April 17, 2018

WowBit Token Soon to be Distributed!

Dear Wowoo community It is our great privilege to announce that we will soon be distributing our WowBit tokens (WWB) to those who are white...
NEWS April 04, 2018

LIFEX Project Releases Whitepaper

LIFEX, is a blockchain project aims to create a new value in the medical industry. The project will be headed to record and store great know...
NEWS March 29, 2018

Wowoo to Support ZEN Project!

On March 28th, Wowoo Pte. Ltd., OKWAVE. (3808JP), and Redhorse Corporation (紅馬-KY TPEx:2928)had announced of coming to agreement to suppor...
NEWS March 27, 2018

Requesting WWB Listing on Exchanges

Thanks to every contributors that supported our project, we have been able to conduct our token sale. We will now be moving on to develop an...
NEWS March 27, 2018

WWB Now on O3 Wallet and Wowoo Wallet for iOS Released!

We are honored to announce that WowBit (WWB) token is now listed on O3 Wallet, a mobile wallet that highly contributes to the usability from...